Introductory Questions

1. My name is Ashley Roh and I am a junior majoring in Communication Design.

2. After taking Visual Princples for the Screen and designing websites, I thought it would be even better if I was able to customize each element from scratch through HTML/CSS.

3. I have taken CSE 131 so I do know how to use Javascript but I am very bad at it.

4. I hope to be able to learn how to code my own website and customize it to my own liking. I think it will also open a lot of new doors to design strategies that I would have not been able to explore in the past.

5. I expect designing for a screen should be adaptable to different screens (computer, phone, etc) and be able to consider movement/navigational sequencing for users so that it is comfortable and makes sense.

6. Notion is a very flexible website to log information and tasks to do. It is also customizable for each person. The website adapts to be fitting in different screen sizes and navigation is simple after you get used to the aspects Notion has to offer (since it is customizable people can change navigation to their own liking). There are features where you can also share the templates that you make to others online.

7. Din Tai Fung's website displays their menu using effective scaling/weight of the text to signal different categories (use of headers/ body text). They also use simple icons to portray the flavor of each menu and it is clear to the viewer what each dish is like. The navigation bar on the top of the website is clear and leads the user to different parts of the website easily.

8. Jennifer Xiao's portfolio wesbite works very well in how she incorproates illsutrative elements in her icons. Not only do these icons navigate the user to different parts of her website, it also provides the viewer with what she offers as an artist. These icons are also interactive and move when you hover over them so they are very fun to look at! Navigation is made easy with the bar on the top and the names of the artwork can easily be seen just by hovering over the images.